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Zhamil Bikbay displayed a natural inclination toward art at an early age. While in his teens, Zhamil enrolled at the College of Art. Zhamil formed a solid basis for his artistic technique founded on his love for the beauty of landscape. In Moscow, where he studied and obtained his Master degree in architecture in 1994, he developed a deep interest in drawing and painting. His artistic technique become stronger and passion for painting were intensified. His first exhibition was in1995 in Düsseldorf, Germany. His works were displayed in Art Galleries in Moscow, Hanover, Frankfurt.

Then the artist’s career was interrupted for a number of years as life got in the way as it sometimes does; two kids later and a move to Canada, it would be ten years before he painted again. This powerful longing reappeared again after ten years.

Upon his arrival to Yellowknife in 2006, he embraced the North Canadian landscape and made it his own.

“The light and color of the North touches my heart and memories. I find inspiration in the beauty and starkness of the North. Because of the snowy landscape, I am always trying to capture the incredible moods of light and shadow on snow and the sparkle of the colors.” Reason why I paint - to understand the nature of what I see and to share my passion with people.”

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