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My first art training was as a painter, and later i studied architecture and design.

As an artist I work with a variety of mediums, but my current practice focuses on landscapes and cityscapes in oil and acrylic.I also work with watercolor, as some subjects fit better with this media, especially nature scenes.

What keeps me coming back to the studio, day after day? It’s something like an addiction, the best kind of addiction you could have. An addiction to creating. After university, I took long break from painting, thinking that it’s over, forever. Then, upon my arrival in Yellowknife, in 2006, I was enthralled by the North Canadian landscape and decided to pick it up again. It turns that I wasn’t “cured”.The light and color of the North touches my heart and memories. I find inspiration in the beauty and starkness of the North. Because of the snowy landscape, I am always trying to capture the incredible moods of light and shadow on snow and the sparkle of the colors.

One of the reasons why I paint - to understand the nature of what I see and to share my passion with people. My artwork is inspired by my fascination with nature and industrial landscapes, every time I paint I realize that it’s an intuitive response to share emotions. For me, art is a form of meditation and self realisation.

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